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Neutral Wire Diagram - span class news dt apr 28 2015 span nbsp 0183 32 yes there will be some slight differences on weather or not to pigtail a short wire that leads from the switch to the yellow caps the load and or line but your ground and neutral should always be pigtailed ultimately if any of this makes you feel un fortable or the wiring diagrams makes your eyes cross call your local electrician p div div class sa uc ul class b vlist li class b annooverride div class b factrow a href https support smartthings hc en us h id serp 5315 1 support a 183 a href https smartthings smart home h id serp 5316 1 uses a div li ul div div li the neutral wire forms a part of the live circuit along with the hot wire in contrast the ground wire is connected to any metal parts in an appliance such as a microwave oven or coffee pot this is a safety feature in case the hot or neutral wires somehow e in contact with metal parts.
3 way switch wiring diagram line to light fixtureline voltage enters the light fixture outlet box no longer allowed after 2011 nec if no neutral wire in switch boxes 3 way switch wiring diagram light fixture between switchesline voltage enters the first 3 way switch outlet box light fixture is located between switch boxes no longer allowed after 2011 nec if no neutral wire in switch boxes the purpose of the neutral wire the following will provide an explanation for the purpose of the neutral wire and the the difference between the ground wire and the neutral wire united states home electrical system the typical home electrical systems here in the united states uses what is known as ac which stands for alternating current assortment of 4l60e neutral safety switch wiring diagram a wiring diagram is a simplified traditional photographic depiction of an electric circuit it reveals the ponents.
of the circuit as streamlined shapes as well as the power as well as signal links between the devices span class news dt jan 21 2019 span nbsp 0183 32 option 1 run a neutral wire if you want to use smart switches and don t have a neutral wire in your switch box you can hire an electrician to run a neutral wire between the light fixture and the switch you can also have an electrician rewire the switch and light fixture which is p div class b factrow b twofr div class b vlist2col ul li div author mn facebook div li ul ul ul div div div li these connections are made on the wire connector in the back of the selector switch so all neutral wires are mon to each other because they are connected to the same point some ex les for the plete electrical wiring diagrams for window air conditioning unit are in fig 5 in this updated diagram 3 wire cable runs between the receptacle and switch and.
the red cable wire is used to carry the hot source to the switch the neutral from the source is spliced through to the switch box using the white wire and in this diagram the white wire is capped with a wire nut the neutral is also zero but carries all the current the circuit uses for running the hair drier or other appliance because all the current that goes out on the black wire must e back on the white neutral wire since it has no where else to go the black and red wires cycle back and forth from neutral wires are usually connected at a neutral bus within panelboards or switchboards and are bonded to earth ground at either the electrical service entrance or at transformers within the system for electrical installations with split phase three wire single phase service
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